Karma Koncept is a vegan brand founded by Aline Roser, a French designer driven by her ethics, and based in India where all her creations are hand made with a strong consideration for the authenticity and efforts made by each one of her international team members.

We strongly believe that veganism is a way of life, of being in harmony with all living beings. Karma Koncept’s ethical guideline is simple and karmic: a need for respect of Earth, animals, and people. We emphasize spiritual development as we believe that we can change the world by changing ourselves with goodwill and the will to do good.

All our products have meaning and power either through symbols or purity of the stones. They are made to awaken in our souls not only a sense of beauty and harmony but to draw attention to ourselves and to the world around us to spread love and respect. They are a reminder of the need to practice and promote mindfulness, love, kindness, altruism, and tolerance; all key elements for a positive Karma!

With this in mind, our genuine and detailed handmade jewellery hold spiritual meanings. Each design can be found in silver 925 or silver gold plated all with purposeful signs, such as Flower of life, Lotus, Chakras symbols (for more explanation, please refer to Charms and stones symbolism),or important philosophical concepts as ‘Here and Now’, combined with the energy of natural stones offered in elegant collections with options to mix and match to create your perfect set.

With respect to Mother Nature, our environmentally conscious garments are designed and handmade in Jaipur as well. The line comprises of minimalistic designs made purely from organic cotton and bamboo silk with unique healing pouches filled with wonderful Ayurvedic smells of relaxing lavender, rose or neem and tulsi mixed to stimulate not only your sense of touch with the smoothness of the textile but also engage you to breathe through them as a healing process. These distinctive pieces are made with plant-based, natural dyes such as saffron or indigo. Our exclusive ‘Flower of life’ brass buttons, along with ‘the crown chakra’ symbol stitched on healing cushion, are all to help your spiritual development.

Our raw materials are grown using resources and methods that have a low impact on the environment with systems in place to maintain soil fertility and reduce the use of toxic pesticides. Organic cotton is a better-quality fiber, more sustainable, and chemical-free. Bamboo also requires no chemicals and very little water to grow. Both plants absorb carbon dioxide and feeding it to the Earth, where it belongs.

Every piece of jewellery or textile is filled with positive energy and charged with love and good mood, designed to promote let go, calmness, meditation, and a sense of unity between the self, humanity and the cosmos to get back in touch with the divine that is in each one of us.Atma Namaste.